Archives for October 2013

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Find your Hardiness Zone – Click on this link to view this as an interactive map. Just type in your zipcode…Very cool! Plant hardiness is very important to growing success.  For best results, check the map to determine which hardiness zone you live in, then use that number as a reference when choosing plants.  You’ll find […]

Chestnuts for Wildlife Feed Plots

The American Chestnut once ranged from North Florida to Main and west to the Ohio Valley and was one of if not the most important trees in the eastern United States. These trees provided strong wood for fence posts, furniture, homes and many other uses. The chestnuts themselves were also a very important food source […]

Pear Trees for Deer Food Plots- A Winning Combination

Pears are the ideal tree to attract deer to food plots and wildlife habitat improvement. They are the easiest fruit tree to grow for improved deer population growth and management. How many old home sites have you visited or found on your property that have pears growing and is a hotspot for wildlife? Most everyone […]