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1-Shipping starts December 13th on ALL Bareroot trees 2-One Gallon containers CAN SHIP starting November 1st 3-PLEASE INCLUDE SHIPPING DATE IN “ADD MESSAGE” SECTION! (Click to see this graphic) CRABAPPLE PACKAGE CRABAPPLE COMPLETE 5 Varieties of Trees Bareroot 2′-4′ tall MM111 Rootstock $125 per package ~Shipping included!~ USDA Zones 5-9 Includes 5 Bareroot Crabapples: Dolgo, […]

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Thank you for visiting our Online Shop ‘n Ship page.  Currently our stock is in bloom and we will not be shipping from this stock until further notice. If you have any question though, do not hesitate to call or email us today about any of our products you may want to order when shipping resumes! […]

New 2015-16 Catalog & Facebook Post

Update on our New Catalog!  Just finished the last proof it mailed out a few weeks ago and is now online. Also be sure to visit our Facebook page for some new videos, pictures and much more!

Seeds and Growing Supplies

MOISTURE MIZER (Soil Conditioner) Package – Each Reduce watering by at least 50% and increase your survival by adding just one tablespoon per bareroot seedling.   Moisture Mizer is a super absorbent soil conditioner that stores water and slowly reduces it for plant use.  These tiny granules can hold up to 300 times their weight […]

Cost Comparisons: Winter/Summer Food Plot vs. Permanent Food Plot

Planting trees and shrubs can turn your “annual” food plots into “perennial” habitat for all types of wildlife with incredible savings. When you run the numbers you quickly realize that a permanent food plot solution from The Wildlife Group will, over just a few years, reduce annual outlays of cash for seeds & fertilizer, not […]


You can now order some of our most products ON-LINE! Several of our most ordered groupings of popular fruit and hardwood trees are now available to order on-line.  Shipping is included. Order by Phone, Fax, or Mail Call us to place your order anytime from 8 am – 4 pm Central Standard Time at 1-800-221-9703. If […]

Fruit Tree Packages for Deer Food Plots

Fruit tree packages are essential to all for quality, longevity & production. Planting more  than one or two varieties in any given area will generally provide you with some fruit. Providing that you are mixing the varieties so that bloom time overlaps for cross pollination. You’ll have fruit that will typically drop around August –September, […]

About the Wildlife Group

Planting trees and shrubs can turn your “annual” food plots into “perennial” habitat for all types of wildlife. The Wildlife Group is a nursery strictly dedicated to wildlife and the enhancement of its natural, productive beauty. We grow trees that not only intensify the beauty of your surroundings, but also improve the productiveness of your […]