Purchasing Trees

The  Old  saying  “you  get  what  you  pay   for”  is  an  important  consideration  when   purchasing  fruit  trees.  Bargain  plants   may  not  be  healthy  or  may  be  a  variety   not  adapted  to  your  area.  Buy  only  trees   of  recommended  varieties  from  a  reliable   source.

Remember  these  few  points  when   purchasing  trees:

  • Healthy  1  year  whips  3’-­4’  tall   1⁄2”  to  3⁄4”  diameter  are  preferred
  • Healthy  container  plants  4’-­8’  tall  1”to  2”  diameter
  • Small  trees  with  a  good  root   system  is  more  desirable
  • Do  not  purchase  trees  that  appear  stunted,  poorly  grown  or  diseased
  • Closely  check  labels  to  make   sure  of  variety  and  rootstock

Watch this short video that describes our ROOT TRAPPER SYSTEM that is one of the many factors that goes into making your Wildlife Group fruit tree purchase more likely to succeed!