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Persimmons are another great food source for deer. Please note: We now have Persimmon tree packages available in online from our Shop ‘n Ship Online Store with FREE SHIPPING ON ONLINE ORDERS!

3’-­4’ $20.00CONTAINER
7 GAL $40.00
the_wildlife_group_japanese_persimmonJAPANESE PERSIMMONS{Fuyu} {Jiro} USDA Zones 6 to 10 – Small long lived trees typically getting 2-8 ft. tall and wide. The Fuyu and the Jiro are non-­astringent varieties and very heavy producers. These trees generally produce at a very young age (2-­3 years). They are great for wildlife and human consumption as well.
FRUIT: Fuyu: Baseball size fruit holding into November -­ December. Jiro: Large flat fruit and very tasty.Ripens mid to late October. (Click on image to enlarge)
12-­24” $2.00
24-­36” $3.00CONTAINER
3 GAL $12.00
COMMON PERSIMMON 20’ -­ 70’ {Diospyros virginiana} USDA Zones 4 to 9 – Tree with a dense cylindrical or rounded crown, or sometimes a shrub, best known by its sweet, orange fruit in autumn.
HABITAT: Moist alluvial soils of valleys and in dry uplands;; also at road sides and in old fields, clearings and mixed forests.