the_wildlife_group_spraying_japanese_beetlesOur trees are selected with absentee landowner in mind. We strive to pick the most disease resistant trees that we can possibly get to help with the problem of disease. However, resistance does not mean immune to some spraying may be necessary at times. We strongly recommend the spraying of dormant oil on your fruit trees once a season in February on a warm sunny day. This will smother mites and insect eggs that would emerge later to cause damage to your trees.

Never spray insecticides on your trees while they are bloomimg. Doing this will kill beneficial pollinating insects.

Try your best to not let Japanese Beetles or caterpillars defoliate your trees. Traps work great if you have a problem but if you seem to have no problem the use of traps can attract more than you bargain for. If you see that you have a serious problem where the tree has lost ½ or more of the foliage you would then need to spray. I have efectivley used traps only when I had an extreme problem. For specific problems give us a call.