Pruning and Training

The day that you plant your trees is the day that you begin to prune and train for future production. Neglect here will result in poor growth and delayed fruiting. 1st  year  -­Pruning a young tree controls its shape by developing a strong, well balanced framework of scaffold branches. Remove or cut back unwanted  branches […]


Not all fruit trees require pollen from  other varieties to set fruit.  Why take that chance, it is always best to plant two or more varieties  with overlapping bloom periods. Some varieties bear heavy  crops when pollinated by another pollen producing variety. It is very  important to mix varieties and plant in multiples to insure […]

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Find your Hardiness Zone – Click on this link to view this as an interactive map. Just type in your zipcode…Very cool! Plant hardiness is very important to growing success.  For best results, check the map to determine which hardiness zone you live in, then use that number as a reference when choosing plants.  You’ll find […]